September 5, 2014 ahdmulti-admin

SXSW – Brand Activation/Launch

SXSW – Brand Activation/Launch

Grump of Thrones – leveraged relationships with Grumpy Cat and friends at HBO to arrange for Grumpy and our team to visit the Game of Thrones exhibit at SXSWi14 and create the iconic #GrumpofThrones meme.The content dominated all social for the majority of the 36 hours after it’s launch, garnering the most shares of any content promoted by Mashable at SXSW2014 and out performing all other promotions featuring Grumpy Cat or SXSWesteros (the GoT exhibit) and earning AHD the praise, “Grumpy Cat plus the Iron Throne equals the best cross-marketing campaign of all time.” -EliteDaily

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